Bring on Summer, I’m Ready (At Last)

I subscribe to Bake from Scratch magazine, and last year they featured a recipe for “Atlantic Beach Pie” as their “Pie Recipe of the Year” in their May/June 2022 issue.

Basically a key lime pie but with these variations: Regular limes, and more lemon juice and zest than lime. Saltine cracker crust (which tastes like popcorn before you bake it). A little optional yellow food coloring. Their version top layer includes cream cheese. Baked in a springform pan.

I excitedly vowed to bake it, bought a springform pan, and bought all the ingredients — more than once, because…

Well, um, I guiltily procrastinated (and/or defiantly prioritized) as multiple batches of lemons and limes turned to mush, pints of whipping cream curdled, blocks of cream cheese grew moldy, and even a box of saltines went stale. (The original box was dated expired in January. The next box I bought is dated August; they apparently last six months in best condition. And it is now March — so my saltines reveal I’ve had this beach-y project on my to do list for about seven months. Ugh. Shameful waste.)

Various reasons for my delay include: not having every ingredient on hand (such as eggs) each time I almost got started; laziness; also, life happens.

Even so, I finally got it done with fresh groceries (powering through, despite a piping bag incident), and there’s still one yummy slice left as I type this (another item off my to do list). I’m on a roll!

To make it again with the design in mind, perhaps putting saltine crumbs across half the top as “the beach” and tinting some whipped cream blue for the ocean.

…or maybe I’ll do that next year.

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