Starry Night Skies Over Yosemite

Going to Yosemite soon? I highly recommend the "Starry Night Skies over Yosemite" program: I see they now have a Glacier Point program available since I went last. I've long meant to write more about the starwatching, a "part two" to this post, a "pro" to the parking "con." Anyone want to place a bet on whether I … Continue reading Starry Night Skies Over Yosemite

Wednesday Words on the Wild: Holograms

By definition, our national parks in all their particularity and peculiarity show us as much about ourselves as the landscapes they honor and protect. They can be seen as holograms of an America born of shadow and light; dimensional; full of contradictions and complexities. Our dreams, our generosities, our cruelties and crimes are absorbed into … Continue reading Wednesday Words on the Wild: Holograms