Sanity & Thankfulness

Our ability to travel is a privilege. But it is also a choice. Money is time. Where do we spend our time? Wilderness is not my leisure or my recreation. It is my sanity. ~ Terry Tempest Williams, The Hour of Land

Here is the beginning of my day. I try to spend a minute or two, before rushing out of the house, (hopefully not sounding too pious) being thankful. ~ Gavin Maxwell, Friend of Campfire Tales

As I am currently employmentally “challenged” at the moment (although I have guaranteed employment coming up… in July), I need to take a moment to check in with some trips that bring me thankfulness and sanity.

Hope it inspires you too!

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2 thoughts on “Sanity & Thankfulness

  1. The concept of “place” and “here” is interesting – it can be physical or spiritual and it can float between space and time.
    To quote from the poem “Lost” by David Wagoner

    “Wherever you are is called Here,
    And you must treat it as a powerful stranger”

    (See the complete – its short! and brilliant (like most short things!) – poem, here

    Or here’s another, from West Kerry

    “You are the place that I stand, on the day that my feet are sore”

    So we can be a number of places at once, with the beauty of nature – the outdoors! – being that, you can be bereft of comfort, yet totally at peace. As opposed to, in my current situation, in a place of comfort and safety, yet in turmoil.

    So the luxury to travel is totally a privilege – and sometimes a photograph, or just stopping for a moment, can take you where you need to be.

    Thanks C


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