20 + 20 = ??

"The wilderness, by design, disorients. As any wilderness trekker past or present will tell you, the wilderness has a way of forcing the point, of bringing to the surface whatever fears, questions, and struggles hide within. Nothing strips you down to your essential humanity and inherent dependency quite like submitting to the elements, surrendering to … Continue reading 20 + 20 = ??

Bodie’s Farewell Part II: Heart Before the Course

Ophelia Bodelia listened how most people do — In spurts. Thoughts wandered; although, words and phrases did too. So charming, in a young child, this "hearing" in reverse. "Hearing" turned to "thinking"? Less a blessing, more a curse. Bodie's Pa urged her, "Always mean everything you say." She confused the order: said things first, meant … Continue reading Bodie’s Farewell Part II: Heart Before the Course