Who Wants to Be a Wood Elf?

The foliage is of all the colors of the prism; but as the woods roll away into the distance the calm, mysterious haze enwraps them in its soft shroud; paints them first in a light blue, then gradually a deeper blue, until, in the distance, there appears but a dim looming; and on gazing at its faded contour we find ourselves falling into a day-dream, as indistinct in its outline as the view which appears on the horizon. I defy anyone to gaze on such a scene long without wishing that {their} life would fade away as serenely as the outlines of the forests in Unyamwezi.

~ Henry Morton Stanley, from How I Found Livingston


Layers of trees!

A forest in Fall colors (November 1871) fading into the distance sounds positively Lothlórien.

Sadly, I don’t have any photos to simulate such a magnificent mashup. I wish I could paint such an image. If you have one, please send it to me!

All I can offer instead are a couple of just okay “almost layered” forest photos from Yellowstone.

And here are a couple more posts on layers:

What Layers Mean To Me

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