Layers Upon Layers

If you ever go to the El Capitan Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, they start every film with the pre-show, “curtain call.”

I’m sure they refer to it by some other name. “Curtain call” works for me. The music swells, they lift the curtain, and behind that is… another curtain. And then another. And then another. Eventually you get a blank screen.

By the time the movie starts, you feel like you already got a show.

That’s what I like about “layers” — things in focus behind the things in focus. I like it in photography, movies, writing, music, food. Everything, pretty much, except honesty. I’m okay with one layer when it comes to that.

Old black and white movies with great cinematography really capture that depth. I’m sure someone more versed in this topic would refer you to “Citizen Kane” or something acclaimed like that, but the film that blew me away, where I couldn’t stop looking at the depth of focus was, “The Best Years of Our Lives.” (Acclaimed, but mostly forgotten.) See it on the big screen, if you can. With a pre-show curtain call.

Anyway, I’ve gushed about this topic before, but I think all my quotes and jokes might have distracted from the layers.

Since then, I’ve caught a couple more shots that please me, so here they are!

One thought on “Layers Upon Layers

  1. The Best Years of Our Lives is such a great film. Haven’t seen it in awhile. Need to watch it again. Layers do make most things better : )


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