Mollusk Monarch Mug Shots

Brad I the Banana Slug, First King of Fall Creek

Ventured out to survey his dominion last week.

Brad sped* to a vantage point. With great discerning,

He carefully inspected all things concerning:

Ferns ferning? Trees yearning? Trails turning? Creek churning?

Check, check, check and check. But then, upon adjourning

Someone** seized the slimy sovereign (“Such insolence!”),

Treasonously posed Brad for an audience,

And enabled a gaggle of hiking teenagers

To Instagram His Majesty. (“Picture stagers!”)

Manufactured mollusk monarch mug shots? Scandal!

The crowd dispersed. A kind soul (with care did handle)

Quite gently returned Brad to bubbling creekside

Where to this day (per our sources) he still presides.

~ Camp Host Chad

(* 0.0061349693 mph)

(** Not affiliated with Campfire Tales)

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