Going, Going, Go On

Going to the mountains is going home. ~ John Muir

The photo of Muir, the autograph, and the quote were part of an art display called The Autograph Book of L.A. that displayed part of a collection of autographs curated by Los Angeles City Librarian Charles Lummis, started in 1906.

The mountains photo is from a trip last summer to the Eastern Sierras.

I intended to surround the John Muir quote with photos of mountains, but then changed my mind. For one thing, my “mountain” photo collection is nothing compared to what you can Google. (May I suggest you start with, “Eastern Sierras”?)

More importantly, consideration of the double use of “going” led me to photos of roads to and from the mountains, which led to thoughts of the paths we are all traveling.

When Muir references “going to the mountains,” he’s not talking about a final destination, a long-term destination, or even a vacation. He’s talking about right here, right now. The path you are on this very second.

Are you headed in the direction that gives you relief, unties the knots in your shoulders, clears your mind of that low-lying mental fog, deepens every breath, builds your anticipation as to what’s around the next corner, and brings you exhilarating joy?

I hope so. That is my wish for you.

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