Bodie Referee

“Morning fire! Morning fire!

Build it higher! Higher! HIGHER!”

“Chill, spaz.” “Be nice to your brother.”

Please chill, spaz. How was that, mother?”

Morning Fire

“What do you vote we do today?”

“Swimming! Rafting! Biking! Hiking!

To Barney Lake! The waterfall!”

(Yawn) “Boring. How far is the mall?”

“I KNOW! We could explore a cave!”

“You’re too scared.” “Nuh-uh! I’ll be brave,

Like last night when we heard the bear.”

“Raccoon.” “Bear.” “Raccoon.” “Bear, bear, BEAR!”

“Three, two, one. This fight is now done.”

“She started it!” “You’d better run.”

(Sigh) “Who wants to go to Bodie?”

“Me, me, me!” “Me too.” “Oh, praise be.”

~ Camp Host Chad

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