Book Review: My Friends Call Me C.C.

My Friends Call Me C.C. by William Gardiner Hutson is a fictionalized retelling of a decade plus in the tumultuous life of Clarence Chauncey ("C.C.") Julian, starting in glamorous 1920's Los Angeles, ending with Julian's mysterious death in 1930's Shanghai, and provides the backstory to — among other historical events — the swift rise and … Continue reading Book Review: My Friends Call Me C.C.

Pictures. Trees. Parks. Families.

"Good morning, students." "Good morning, Teacher!" "Oh my... Such enthusiasm! Delightful! Are you ready to present your assignments?" (crickets) "I see... Don't be timid, chickens! Share your image, tell us the song, then explain.... Oh me oh my. I've forgotten all the rules. Can anyone remember? Billy Bobby Joe? I see you desperately waving your … Continue reading Pictures. Trees. Parks. Families.