Spain: Sagrada Familia-Outside>In

Can you believe I forgot to tell you about this place?

Would someone please turn on the lights?

Sagrada Familia_11

Thank you. Much better.

OK, there are two things I want to highlight before we go in, both about story.

First, every detail here tells a story. At first glance — it’s impressive and interesting, but then kinda looks all the same, covered in a whole lot of earth tones, right?

But when you look closer, the details are stunning in their intricacy and variety.

For those of you who are interested, there are many resources out there to learn more.

Second point – This place has become an incredible story itself: started in 1882 and still currently under construction, surviving wars, fire, an underground train, multiple architects, and so on. According to Wikipedia, the trustees agreed last October to pay the city 36 million euros for their first building permit, after 136 years! If you go somewhere like the pyramids in Egypt, a natural question is, “How did they do that?”

Here, they are doing that, right in front of your eyes.

Grab a quick bite, and then let’s go inside. I had a sandwich and an espresso. Oh, and a water and a cronut. Those candy bars aren’t mine – I promise! (Maybe I had one… I don’t remember.)

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4 thoughts on “Spain: Sagrada Familia-Outside>In

  1. I got vertigo climbing one of the towers 30 years ago. My one and only bout, while little Spanish children ran around and through me, bumping me towards the glassless man-sized window slots…….. and you’re telling me its not finished YET?!!


    • As I understand it, they were almost finished, but then they had to make some changes when it turned out the man-sized window slots weren’t up to code. (Can you imagine the fines if that were true – another 36 million euros or something?)


  2. Always wondered as well how the pyramids from Egypt were made. The real untold truth, of course.
    Can we imagine how many decades and centuries are behind those details? Not only about how much it survived, how much work and brainstorming was involved in creating something like that.
    Always fantastic!


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