Spain: Sagrada Familia-Inside>Out

Now, if you’ll kindly look up as you enter, you will notice…

Seriously? You don’t need me. You need the Audio Tour for this place.

I don’t endorse Audio Tours normally. (I’m not against them. I find them… limiting. “Look here. Look there. Absorb this. Absorb that.”)

However, this is my first point. The audio tour here? Totally worth it. There’s so much detail. Where should I look? Where do I start? “Look here. Look there.” Perfect. Thank you.

Second point. Most architecturally impressive churches barely have a pulse At Sagrada Familia, I stumbled into an active service and had to wait for a seat! To find the service, go downstairs over near the altar.

Full disclosure: I didn’t understand a word, and I’m not Catholic. I’m just saying… Show some respect. (Said the guy wearing the Jagermeister t-shirt.)

I’ll spare you way too many shots of stained-glass windows, and limit myself to two, plus some super modern stairs, and The Lord’s Prayer in Spanish.

Enjoy. Take your time. I’ll be waiting across the street over at that park.

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