Book Review: Island of the Blue Dolphins

Cover photo courtesy of Kelley McMorris Mention Island of the Blue Dolphins, and almost everyone says "I love that book!" You either know it and love it, or you need to read it so you can love it. Definitely don't go here (SPOILERS) first. End of review. Anyway, imagine my surprise at finding this: ...a … Continue reading Book Review: Island of the Blue Dolphins

Book Review: Our True Nature

Our True Nature: Finding a Zest for Life in the National Park System by Audrey Peterman perfectly serves one defined purpose: as an inspirational guidebook to the uninitiated national park traveler. Filled with gorgeous photos, personal experience intros, basic directions, lodging recommendations, and highlighted activities for 57 locations in the national park system (grouped by … Continue reading Book Review: Our True Nature

Book Review: Celestial Yosemite

If you are a fan of stargazing, do yourself a favor and check out Kristal Leonard's Yosemite night sky photography, either via her book Celestial Yosemite, or her blog: Although the book is slight, it reads like a stargazing hors d-oeuvres, just enough to both curb and whet your appetite, satisfying you and leaving you wanting … Continue reading Book Review: Celestial Yosemite

Book Review: Under the Stars

To follow up recent posts about camping and nemophilists, I now present the inaugural Campfire Tales book review, Dan White's Under the Stars. My brief description is, "A humorous overview of camping, delving into all aspects of America's relationship to the wilderness, through both the historical past and the personalized present." The book approaches the subject of camping through … Continue reading Book Review: Under the Stars