Volcanic Storytelling: Introduction

An oft highlighted feature of Lassen Volcanic National Park, referenced in every description I've so far read about the park, includes a version of this claim: Represented in the park are all four types of volcanoes found in the world--shield, composite, cinder cone, and plug dome. ~ NPS Website: Lassen Volcanic National Park In contrast, check out … Continue reading Volcanic Storytelling: Introduction

Introduction Part II: My Cake Adventure

As family lore tells it, my mother's father's passion for baking started early. He dropped out of school around the 8th grade, then went to work on the family farm. During his free time he enjoyed baking blueberry muffins. (If he'd written a blog, would it have been called "The Muffin Man"?) After one of his brothers declined … Continue reading Introduction Part II: My Cake Adventure

Introduction Part III: Tell Your Story

Thank you for indulging my three-part introduction. Here's hoping this conclusion wraps everything up neater than a pine tree bow! First, if you please, a relatively painless recap and a brief definition. Part I launched this blog by presenting a symbolic cake that linked the founding of the National Park Service - an institution that champions and … Continue reading Introduction Part III: Tell Your Story