Get On the Map

As a child, I hungered for one of these:

“An RV?” you ask.

No. A sticker map. (Although I wanted the RV too. But I was a practical child – where would I put an RV, even a pop-up camper? The map was definitely going on my headboard.)

The maps identify the states you’ve visited. If I’d had the map as a child, it would only have had two stickers on it for decades…

These days, I’ve been to multiple states, but I don’t have a burning desire to catalogue which ones —

OK, that’s not true. I love lists and maps. Those quarter maps for states, and national parks by state? I’ve got both.

And guess what? Now I can have as many maps as I want. There are soooooo many sites where you can make your own. I like this one, which has both “Visited States” AND “Visited Countries” maps. Choose your colors (I went for a Campfire Tales-ish palette), save it, and share it.

Visited States

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