This Isn’t Me

There is no there there. ~ Gertrude Stein

Campfire Tales is not meant to be about me. It’s about… aw, you already know.

I’ve written many posts about the goal of the blog, what brought me here, and so on. Still, my site feels a little <ahem> faceless.

To address that, I’ve decided to bring a little more of a personal touch to the site. To stop being a cheap Vivian Maier self-portrait imitator. To be more open. To be more exposed. To be more vulnerable, like, well, like this fiery lady:

Mrs. G

However, we’re not starting today.

Today, I get one more day of anonymity and silly self-photographs.

2 thoughts on “This Isn’t Me

    • I love that note too! That’s what caught my eye to take the photo. I didn’t want to hit the window, but then when they said not to, I wondered… “Should I? Does everyone else know something I don’t about hitting windows?”


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