Goodnight Everybody!

Have you seen that Chevy Silverado commercial where they quote, line by line, the lyrics to the Donny & Marie Opening song?

It starts, “I’m a little bit country.”

With each line, the commercial gives a visual to match the lyrics: someone who is country, someone who is rock and roll, etc.

At the end of every D&M episode, they sang another song:

May tomorrow
Be a perfect day
May you find love and laughter
Along the way
May God keep you, in His tender care
‘Til He brings us together again…

That’s the short version. There’s more: Donny & Marie Osmond – May Tomorrow Be A Perfect Day Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Then they would smile (and my mother would remember my sister’s next orthodontic appointment). Smile, wave, and say in unison, “Goodnight Everybody!”

Here are some visuals, and you can match them to the lyrics however you like:

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