No Pane, Know Gain

Can I share a silly photography trick I made up? Maybe there are better solutions, but I like the results.

For examples, let’s look at results from Alcatraz (where criminals lost privileges), and the Paley Center in Beverly Hills (where the privileged sometimes get lost or turn criminal).


The trick: When in a hurry to take a photo because crowds won’t politely linger back long before they rush in to see the carnage, as happened here at the Alcatraz morgue (and happens daily on my freeway commute), I like to press the camera lens directly to the glass — which bypasses the glare from the window — and take a random shot. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.


Or maybe there’s not enough room between the window and the subject to capture the subject directly. Again, lens to glass:


Of course, sometimes it’s better to zoom out a little. A bit of context tells more story:


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