My New Hope Shorts

Reading a detailed plan in yesterday’s news about the reopening California following COVID-19 closures, one quote jumped out at me that the plan would, “not be based on hope.”

While I understood the meaning — that it would be based on science, and not on desire — the quote disquieted me all day and into the night. When I looked for the exact words this morning, they were gone from the source where I read them, so I guess they bothered someone else too.

To focus on the positive, I’m delighted there are plans for recovery and that whoever announced it or reported it realized that every good plan must include some element of hope.

The difference between a plan with or without hope is like the difference between being six feet apart or six feet under: only one of them is truly living.

One of my quarantine projects involves purging “expired” clothing from my wardrobe. I couldn’t bring myself to throw out my favorite shorts, which had a three-inch tear located.. where it shouldn’t be.

Long story shorts <groan> I found the perfect patch, which my neighbor kindly sewed on for me. Now my shorts are not only revived, they have me anticipating Summer.

Happy Camper Shorts

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