Grand Prismatic Spring: Inspiring

A few years back, as I found myself buying orange everything (furniture, clothes, dishes, to name a few), I explained my new obsession to a friend, something like this:

ME: My favorite color used to be blue, but lately one definition of blue brings me down: sadness. My new favorite is orange.

FRIEND: What does orange represent to you?

ME: Bravery.

These days, I still like “brave” but also “unique” and “joyful” and “inspiring.”

The railing-less boardwalk alongside Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone challenged my balance and bravery, especially navigating around families with children shoving each other, or distracted people backing up to take pictures, but the stunning Spring = so inspiring.

(You can’t even spell “inspiring” without “spring”!)

BONUS: Orange furniture.

P.S. Is anyone else craving a cheesy pizza now?

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