Save It From a Rainy Day

What with all the recent rain in California, I was reminded of the lower water levels at the Lake Nacimiento reservoir the last time I camped there with friends (and Scooter-Man) in 2015.

So, I ask you, what better excuse to go camping than to check the status of the widely reported California drought?

The only photo I have of the lake level from 2015 was in the background of a larger photo I don’t currently have authorization to print. Instead, I zoomed in on the opposite bank; notice how far down the water was in 2015. Pretty low, right? Definitely too low for swimming; far better we went wine tasting…

And the other photo was taken earlier this month, while camping with friends (and the Jet Ski Jerks). (Yes, also after wine tasting. And before wine tasting, too. They got us coming & going.

Anyway, good news. The lake is all filled up!

Sigh… Look how peaceful the water was before all the jet skiing.

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