Not That Kind of Strike

This statue recently reminded me of a time in my life when (it seemed) everything took three tries. When he calls "Strike!" he apparently doesn't mean gold, he means, "The Bigfoot museum is CLOSED! Try again the next time you are passing through." I named the Strike Miner "Rusty." Here's what he's really thinking about.

Happy New(-ish) Year!

Twenty-Twenty-One:  Yay, it's over! Done. Twenty-Twenty-Two: Welcome. Cheers to you! Fingers crossed, the upcoming year goes great. Let's start right — (What? Uh-oh, already late...) ~ Camp Host Chad Didn't we just do this? Oh yeah, it's a tradition!

The Legend of National Park Mountain

Ages ago, on a dark starry night, Between the forest and the Firehole’s banks (Perhaps the Madison’s), a spark took flight, A thought, a plan, for which we should give thanks National Parks, behold their provenance: Below dark outcroppings, beside a stream (Rock eyes, creek mouth; a face), camp occupants Envisioned preservation. Such a dream! … Continue reading The Legend of National Park Mountain