In Memorium: Peter Lassen

The grave and headstone and monument for Peter Lassen, after who Lassen Volcanic National Park was named, are located in a funky little semi-private graveyard outside Susanville, CA. You can see both to the right and left of the tree directly behind the gate. The building you see shelters the monument: The link above to his grave (California Historical … Continue reading In Memorium: Peter Lassen

Book Review: Island of the Blue Dolphins

Cover photo courtesy of Kelley McMorris Mention Island of the Blue Dolphins, and almost everyone says "I love that book!" You either know it and love it, or you need to read it so you can love it. Definitely don't go here (SPOILERS) first. End of review. Anyway, imagine my surprise at finding this: ...a … Continue reading Book Review: Island of the Blue Dolphins

Starry Night Skies Over Yosemite

Going to Yosemite soon? I highly recommend the "Starry Night Skies over Yosemite" program: I see they now have a Glacier Point program available since I went last. I've long meant to write more about the starwatching, a "part two" to this post, a "pro" to the parking "con." Anyone want to place a bet on whether I … Continue reading Starry Night Skies Over Yosemite

Book Review: Our True Nature

Our True Nature: Finding a Zest for Life in the National Park System by Audrey Peterman perfectly serves one defined purpose: as an inspirational guidebook to the uninitiated national park traveler. Filled with gorgeous photos, personal experience intros, basic directions, lodging recommendations, and highlighted activities for 57 locations in the national park system (grouped by … Continue reading Book Review: Our True Nature