Sign Off: International Parks

Let’s say you are visiting a national park or landmark in a country not your own.

First and foremost and for the record, all the signs are awesome. I barely passed many a foreign language class, so I seriously appreciate help any way I can get it.

That said, here’s my question: Which country’s signs help the most?




Italy_Sign 1
Italy_Sign 3
Italy_Sign 2


My thoughts:

  • Canada: Beautiful, contemplative prayer, but… “Suggested offering”? One step forward, two steps back!
  • Croatia: What does the slash through the tent mean? (see Italy) Maybe that’s not a tent. Maybe it’s a dropped hardback book. “No Broken Spines.” Agreed!
  • Italy: A little cluttered, but, “Dog to the leash” = Charming translation. “Camping not allowed” = Not so charming.
  • Slovenia: Strong start, however, the sign in the dark room doesn’t make for easy blog photos. Still, I did my best (see before and after).

Winner: (imho) Croatia

Do you agree?


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