Landscape Flags

Hear me out, okay?

Most flags are… boring. Go ahead, look up the flags of the world. Prove me wrong! I’ll wait <yawn> here.

Why hasn’t anyone given flags a makeover yet? I guess dull, solid stripes ARE easier to reprint and reproduce. But are they inspiring?

Also, this is 2019! We have the technology to print more than 3 colors!! Details are possible!

Below are a few of my photos that I look at and think: That would make an awesome flag!

(Clockwise from Top Left) Grand Canyon Pastels. Cloud Formation. Chicago Park & Suburbs in Winter. Train Crossing the Desert. Las Vegas Sunset. Pastel Sunset. Mossy Wall.

Instead of bland stripes = Recognizable formations and almost solid color schemes.

What do you think? Could you pledge your allegiance to any of these?

My point isn’t, “abandon your flag” — they all already contains enormous meaning and significance. My point is, “present your flag in the most dynamic way possible.”

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