Sign Off: California vs. Chicago Vacations

Unable to decide between California or Chicago vacations, and waiting for the universe to send you a sign?

Good news! Campfire Tales is here to help, just as with International Parks.

Having both roamed across California AND visited Chicago in the past year, here are the “signs” that guided my trips.

First, the ONLY California notice you’ll want or need:

California_Beach House_Rules

Second, Chicago. Let’s start with the equivalent to California’s R&R rules above:

Too many words! How about the hotel pool?

Yikes! “Crippling injuries?”

Let’s get something to eat!

Oh forget it. I’m going back to California.

Hey, look! What’s this underneath my, “Chicago Recovery Kit?”

(Kidding! That  was on the tray table of the person sitting next to me.)

One thought on “Sign Off: California vs. Chicago Vacations

  1. Those Chicago rules are incredible. I assume the “no” rules was trying to be funny, but the leftover sign was just weird!!
    Having said that, I can imagine myself getting that petty if I owned a restaurant, watching people just waste food.
    California does seems so much more……laid back?


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