Same/Difference: Hands Across the Water

You’ve been enjoying our comparison photos, right?

I didn’t hear you. RIGHT?

That’s better.

Today, let’s – as they say in Poker – show our hands.

European (on the left — your left, as you are facing the screen) vs American (on the right). And no, that was not meant to be a political statement.

Moving on!

First: Reaching for refreshment in “the drink” (the Mediterranean) vs Reaching for a refreshing drink.


Next: Straining to touch the Divine vs Straining to be divine.


Third: Hard at work vs Hardly working.


No, that’s not fair. Let’s look at those last two another way:

Uplifting vs Down-to-earth? Fabricated protection vs Fabric protectors?

Hmm. I don’t like those either. Please feel free to re-phrase that, or any of the comparisons, in the comments below. As all the photos are presented in pairs, please reference the pairs as 1, 2, 3 ore 4. (Not a typo — you’ll understand that bad pun in a second.) Your reward for best caption will be: satisfaction for a job well-done. (Sorry, but that’s all I’m getting out of this myself.)

Finally: Speaking of Poker hands, let’s visit a Las Vegas casino to see an Australian “Hand.”



(Found: October, 1980 near Wedderburn, Australia)

This magnificent gold nugget, the largest on public display in the world, was discovered using a metal detector, lying six inches below the surface in a vertical position. It weighs a massive 875 troy ounces (61 pounds, 11 ounces, av.)

A man, who has chosen to remain anonymous, his wife, and four young children were prospecting behind their modest trailer home when they made this spectacular find.

~ plaque at Golden Nugget Casino, Las Vegas

Either they’ve moved casinos since I took the pictures, or this is a good lesson not to believe everything you read on Wikipedia.

Can YOU find all the differences between the Wikipedia article and the Golden Nugget plaque? (Again – the prize is satisfaction.) Have fun!

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