Roadside Art: Stained Glass Windows

“When life hands us lemons, children, what do we do?”

All together: “Make lemonade!”

“And when God closes a door?”




“Chad, you know this. Think of windows!

Chad: “…we make window-ade?”



Chad: “Am I close?”

“Sorry, no. Think of what opens.”

Chad: “…we make window shades?”


<sigh> “No. Anyone else?”


Roadside Art: Mrs. Pirate’s Yard

One thought on “Roadside Art: Stained Glass Windows

  1. That door looks like it would be hard to get through for several reasons.
    Obviously its sideways, but even if your could get all the way up there to step through it you’d have to be VERY careful not to break the pretty stained glass. I really think it would be a lot easier to go though a window or something….


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