Wanna Buy a Frame?

With so many loose photos scattered around this site, and prompted by our discussions of windows, I decided to get organized with some frames.

But now I have too many frames! Wanna buy one (or 9)?

These three are the most traditional, and fit large photos:

On the smaller side, more frame than photos, are these geologic beauties — perhaps best for tiny, elementary school photos, or cameos:

Then there are the unusual sized frames. Wouldn’t the natural bridge over the ocean make a great frame for a flying saucer, or a heaping plate of foodie-photographed seafood pasta?

Finally, the V-Frames. These “versatile” frames, shaped like V’s, are only limited by your imagination. You can fit almost any photo in them, if you try hard enough and don’t give up like a little baby when your photos need a little cropping or adjusting.

Wait, there’s more! Our Grand Canyon series even doubles as a V Frame AND as a Cameo* Rock frame. (*Actual Colorado River not included.)

To place your order, call our non-existent 800 number. Our operators aren’t standing by!


More Windows: Doctor Tree

More Photos: What Layers Mean To Me

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