True-ish Colors

During my trip to Italy in 2018 (said as though I go there every year; really more like, “during my only trip to Italy”), the setting sun brought my amateur photography of the coastline near Portofino to a halt.

In those last moments, the silhouette of a tree and a rock against the ocean inspired me. I took my shot, convinced it would be a keeper. However, in later review, the actual photo proved to be disappointing, way way way better in my recollection than in reality.

I guess a silhouette needs more (some?) light coming from behind. Whoops!

And now, almost two years later, I still have that bland photo in my archives. I’m torn between the options of “enhancing” the photo, or discarding it altogether. Sadly, only the enhanced version matches how that moment felt to me.

What do you think? Is it fraudulent to alter your photos to support your memories? I mean, it’s not like cutting anyone out of the picture… I took the photos to help remember the trip. If they aren’t helping, but could, shouldn’t they?

I’m starting to think so. I edited a few versions to try them out. If you have a favorite below, please let me know. I can’t decide, they all feel right to me. (Well, maybe not the orange one — but I wish it looked like that!)

2 thoughts on “True-ish Colors

  1. The one that jumps out at me – probably because it is the one in the middle – is the one in the middle.
    Though I also like the moody one directly below it.
    Never discard a photo unless you need to – even a bad one has a memory attached – unless its a bad memory, in which case – delete!


  2. I like the idea of keeping the original photo, yet editing to make some enhancements that really capture the feeling. Many of these are nice on their own or in a series.


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