Surfer Statue_COVID Mask

Everyone handles stress differently. My default — after I rant for “a while,” way too long according to some — is humor.

What I’m appreciating most in these crazy times is hearing the “nugget of sanity” that I notice everyone either seems to be looking for or has already found.

A nugget of sanity is the thing that most speaks to that person and gives them perspective amidst all the fear and isolation we are currently experiencing across the globe.

For example, one ambitious friend of mine is accumulating “COVID survivor” statistics in a spreadsheet.

Another compared what we are going to against a biography she recently finished (with plenty of reading time on her hands and a lengthy library book they don’t want back right now) of Alexander Hamilton, who went through three scares like this in his lifetime.


Here’s a nugget that Angela Kent offered:

Rainbow Behind TreesAnyway, I guess my nugget of sanity might be collecting other people’s nuggets.

Speaking of which, what is yours?


Two of My Attempts at Humor:

Cat Tale

Photo Punchline: Pumpkin Patch

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