Roadside Art: Recycle-ade?

If life gives you lemons and you repurpose them, you call it “lemonade.”

If live gives you a bunch of scrap metal and you repurpose it, what would you call that?

(Oh really, so “art” is the right answer? Ex-cuuuuuuuuse me!)

With some extra time on my hands these days (emphasis mine; working from home is a mixed bag, I’ve discovered, especially with a finicky scanner), I managed to get out of my house, see this permanent installation, and make “time-ade.”

(Wait, I hear it now. You’re right, that doesn’t work. Not everything makes -ade.)

For the full story on this mural and artist: Heavy Metal Wall

For the artist’s website: Renee Howard

And a few more photos for fun:

The Rock n Roll Sidewalk (my favorite detail – the mini-guitars)

Heavy Metal details (I love the sand in the bottles, although the calculators only reminded me of work waiting for me at home…):

Legends, Heroes & Villains (the real villains are — A. Sun damage, you can see what two years has done if you go to her website and compare her Beatles photo to mine; B. Passing Vandals, snapping off parts of this marvelous neighborhood installation):

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