Memorial Day (2020): Step Into the Sunshine

Happy Memorial Day!

Oh, you’re not American, you don’t see your flag represented, and/or that’s not your holiday? Or you are American but you disagree with _____? Well gee then, you’re free to go.

In fact, I’m sure whatever freedoms you do enjoy didn’t come at a cost to you or anyone else, so there’s no reason to be appreciative.

Besides, freedom isn’t even my point.

(Oh, you don’t like hearing other people make points? Bye-bye!)

I woke up last night around two a.m. to the sound of someone close to my bedroom window shouting out a name. The building I live in has endured a wave of break-ins and vandalism lately, including my storage unit which had the door kicked in. Thinking there may be a connection to the shouting, I got dressed and investigated. Although I didn’t find anyone still in the garage, someone had definitely attempted to open my car doors. My search started boldly, but by the end I felt an overwhelming dread and rushed back to bed.

This morning I went for a long walk through the neighborhood, and I didn’t wear a mask. A family of three — two parents in masks plus a baby in a stroller, probably also in a mask with a built-in air purifier — crossing the street in my direction, made a sudden, risky shift (risky due to rapidly approaching cars) to avoid passing near me. They endangered their child to “protect” their child.

Here’s my point. I think the thing we all should be thankful for today, regardless of our country of origin or our circumstances, is this: Not having to live in fear. Feel “free” to interpret that how you want. And if you aren’t free from fear, I hope and pray you will be soon.


2 thoughts on “Memorial Day (2020): Step Into the Sunshine

  1. I love the picture of you “investigating”!
    I picture your “Hardy Boy” sneakers squeaking on the polished floor of the garage, as you do a little Jupiter Jones-ing!


    • Jupiter Jones = I love it! And I’m happy to be a Hardy Boy, as long as I’m Frank. Picture this: I had my keys in one hand, ready to set off my car alarm, and my phone filming in the other hand. I started watching back the video while still in the garage but quit when it started creeping me out. I imagined spotting someone in the video I hadn’t seen, watching me from the shadows. Scary!


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