Tree Advice

Tree Advice_4

Without humans, trees would manage just fine. Without trees, people would perish. Everything on the earth that moves uses energy that is stored in bonds between carbon atoms, first formed in a green plant through the process of photosynthesis. You, me, earthworms, ants, bees, tigers, sloths, and aphids: we all run on trees. And it’s not just that we use plant energy (calories) to power our brains and bodies. We need the oxygen from trees to burn this fuel. The tree of life is aptly named on every level. ~ Matthew Sleeth, MD from Reforesting Faith

Aspirin thins blood, and helps prevent strokes. Where did the first aspirin come from? Willow trees!

And don’t forget what an apple a day will do!

The advice (in a “nutshell,” another treat provided by trees): Sit under, walk amongst, climb, admire, appreciate, breathe, eat, tend, plant, and protect trees daily.

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