A Bird the Size of the Moon

If there’s an unofficial mascot of Campfire Tales, it’s probably the moon.

(Oh, such a troublemaker!)

I found this juxtaposition after I reviewed these two photos: the bird is the same size as the moon.

I wanted to write a post about perspective, and how our problems can seem so big (like the water tower) based on when or where we are viewing them. The visual of a tiny moon seen from under the enormous water tower would represent that perfectly, but I think the bird the same size as the moon is even better.

Anyway, then I took a “blind” shot of the sun for comparison (squinting at the screen from the side so as not to burn my retinas). When I reviewed the photo, guess who had snuck into the picture? (Hint: it wasn’t the bird.)

More moon fun:

To The Moon

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