Lake Mead: Historic Railroad Trail

Technically, I should probably call this, “Hoover Dam: Historic Railroad Trail.”

However, it is not Hoover Dam you look at and walk the perimeter of (at a distance) for the better part of the hike. But without the dam there is no lake to see. And without the water, there’s no reason for the dam. (So many obvious jokes here — bonus points to whoever makes them in the comments.)

Anyway, great hike! It breaks down into three parts (from the parking lot near the visitor center) and goes about seven miles (round trip), mostly flat: part one, high above Lake Mead and through five short tunnels; part two, through the “behind the scenes” area of the Hoover Dam power structure, including a kind of equipment museum called the “Boneyard;” part three, the final leg mostly through the Hoover Dam parking structure (elevator included).

Tunnels! Mountain goats! Giant electrical equipment! What’s not to like?

Please don’t forget your camera, water, and sunscreen.

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