Wind Cave: You First, Alice

Do you ever hear someone say something like, “You can eat the stalk of rhubarb, but the leaves are poison,” and you ask yourself, “Who was the second fool to try rhubarb?”

Or, “I hated that movie the first time I watched it.” I can only shake my head when I hear that. “Um… so why did you watch it again?”

That’s how Wind Cave made me think. “If you have no reason to believe this will turn out well, why do it?

Riches? Adventure? Glory? Challenge? Curiosity?

I can’t say any of that would motivate me, but I do appreciate the results.

The bottom two photos show the original entrance, and the entrance today. Tell me, what would convince you to shimmy down that hole with only a candle to light the way?

Silly theory: Maybe someone was given rhubarb to eat to put them to death. They ate the stalk, not the leaves, and said “Eh, kinda tangy!”

Wait, maybe that was a Three Stooges short. Or was it Bugs Bunny? So confused!

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