Cabin Fever

A friend of mine is suffering from Seasonal Dysphoria.

That’s not a medically recognized disease, mainly because I just made it up. That’s what the internet is for — fake medical information — amIright?

Essentially, my friend’s body is in one season and her mind is in another.

Wait, hold on, it’s that her house is eternally in one season (she lives in sunny, sunny, sunny, with a chance of more sunshine California), and she’s going out of her mind.

Or maybe I misunderstood her altogether. I might have been distracted, thinking about my commute to work and how I’m going to avoid the traffic from all the fires.

Either way, this part I DO remember. She requested a post to help fuel her daydreams about taking a trip to a cabin in the snow.

Here you go, friend:

Admittedly, the birdhouse is a little out of place, but since we were recently discussing those, I thought I would share.

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