Stump Speech: Exit Interview

“Are you a sore loser?”

“Can’t be. I never lose.”

“You lost the election — ”

“Wrong. No. Uh-uh. Fake news.”

“People died. Staff resigned.

They muzzled your Twitter.

The Senate’s rejection — ”

“Quitter, quitter, quitter.”

“Last words? Any regrets?”

I scorn what that imputes.

Although, on reflection —

I’d put down deeper roots.”

~ Camp Host Chad***


  1. This poem was originally written to reflect on the events in Washington D.C last week, but wasn’t completed in time. (However, what started as commentary might now be considered prophecy…)
  2. This post also bookends a post written prior to November of 2020’s U.S. election.
  3. Finally, this post is one of the “rough drafts” mentioned earlier this week.

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